How is CDPCE Empowering kids during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Staying safe/alive and healthy in a world plagued with a global pandemic has not been easy.

Everyday spent has been a battle for both the young and old against COVID-19.

Due to the high risk/rate of infection and spread which has resulted in most countries being on total lockdown, students and pupils have found it very difficult to navigate their future without education/schooling.

The Center for  Development and Peace/conflict Education with the help of its members and volunteers have organized private classes for the youths in some communities in the North West region.

It started by educating them on the spread, symptoms and preventive measures of the virus.

Communities were also taught on how to make home-made hand sanitizers, face masks and liquid soaps which were all very important items used as preventive measures against the Corona Virus.

In addition, basic skills like reading, writing and capacity building were also enforced.

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