The shocking education challenges faced in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon

Education is very important in each child life. It plays a great role in everyone’s life by building personality and improving knowledge and skill.

In Cameroon, education has been divided into three categories (Primary education, Secondary education and Higher Secondary education).

The quality and importance of education is increasing day by day.

The growth and development of the country depends on the quality of the educational system set for young ones in schools and colleges.

However, the education system in Cameroon is not same so the proper growth and development of people and society varies according to the weak and strong.

There are numerous reasons, for instance the weak have difficulty getting to school and the cost of schooling is also a barrier.

Even when tuition is free, there are often expenses for lunch, uniforms, and examination fees.

And in most cases, parents are forced to pay additional tutoring to enable their children pass exams.

Another barrier is that of a conducive learning environment.

A child cannot learn without the right environment.

Children in this part of the country are often squeezed into overcrowded classrooms, classrooms that are falling apart, or are learning in open air. T

hey also lack textbooks, school supplies, and other tools they need to excel.

Teachers also need materials to help prepare lessons for their pupils and guide the lessons.

With the ongoing crises there are many casualties of war which have destroyed the education system.

Children are exposed to violence and are more at risk of not achieving and dropping out of school.

Majority of the kids are exposed to violence on daily basis due to the impact of conflict.

Almost all children especially of the affected areas of ongoing crises (i.e. the North and the South West Region) of the country aged 3 to 18 are in urgent need of education.

Conflict has prevented schools from functioning.

Parents and children often flee their homes and this has caused a great disruption in the learning domain.

Due to this conflict or crises, children have had their education disrupted including natural disasters that has destroyed schools and the environment around them.

Without an end to this crises and urgent support these children will end up losing the chance of reaching their goal.

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