How Our Construction of Latrines is Solving the Problem of School Dropout

CDPCE in partnership with other development agencies is implementing a range of activities within various communities in the North West Region of Cameroon aimed at increasing the availability and use of sanitation facilities such as latrines. Survey conducted in 3 schools within Momo Division, Batibo Sub Division (our project implementation areas) shows most pupils in rural schools are demotivated from studying/schooling due to poor hygiene and sanitation.

Forty percent of the dropouts from schools is either due to frequent poor hygiene and related infections at school or need for privacy especially for the girl child.

The standard ratio of latrine use in Cameroon according to the Ministry of Basic Education is 50 pupils per stance. Most schools within villages in Cameroon are still far aware from this standard as a stance is being shared between 120-150 users and in some schools teachers share these facilities with their pupils.

Government and Civil Society Organizations try to reach these needy schools but there is still a gap because pupil enrolment is increasing due to Universal Primary Education.

The request of CDPCE intervention in some schools has become so enormous. Most schools feel their old pit latrines are unsafe. This is due to a high rate of collapsing of the old pit latrine which has scared pupils from using it.

In 2013, a pupil died in a pit toilet in a Primary School in Weh – Wum when the school pit latrine sunk trapping the pupil in it.

We feel there is need for more intervention in school pit latrine sunk trapping use. We feel there is need for more intervention in school sanitation as these has become a major factor in school dropouts.

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